Baidyanath Jatiphaladi Bati (Stambhak)

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Baidyanath Jatiphaladi Bati

Baidyanath Jatiphaladi Bati produced by Hamdard and marketed by us is a highly effective herbal medicine to combat sexual disorders of men. Be it erectile dysfunction, loss of libido, early ejaculation or lack in sexual desire; this Ayurvedic pill overcomes any of these ailments. The herbs constituting this medicine are chosen with immense care to make the product truly useful

Baidyanath Jatiphaladi Bati (Stambhak) is an ayurvedic and herbal medicine. It is available in the form of a tablet and it is to be taken orally. Baidyanath Jatiphaladi Bati (Stambhak) is manufactured by Baidyanath.

Baidyanath Jatiphaladi Bati (Stambhak) is used for the treatment of spermatorrhoea (condition of excessive ejaculation) and for retentive power. It is used as a stimulant, astringent (agents causes contraction of tissues), and restorative agents. Baidyanath Jatiphaladi Bati is also indicated for the diseases such as premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.

The major key ingredients present in this medication is akarkara, saunth, and keshar. Here are the health benefits of each of these:

  • The botanical name of Akarkara is Anacyclus pyrethrum and it belongs to the Asteraceae family. Akarkara contains aphrodisiacs (agents that stimulate sexual desire), libido stimulant, and spermatogenic agents hence it is used in the treatment of spermatorrhoea and also improve strength and performance during physical contact.
  • Saunth is also known as dried ginger. The botanical name of saunth is Zingiber officinale and it belongs to the Zingiberaceae family. It contains aphrodisiacs agents thus helpful in gaining retentive power.
  • Keshar(saffron) is helpful for the patients suffering from impotency, it is also used as immunity enhancer and memory booster.

However, no side effects of Baidyanath Jatiphaladi Bati have been reported by patients till now, while taking this medicine. You are recommended not to exceed prescribed dosage and keep your physician informed while using this ayurvedic medicine.


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