Dehlvi Remedies Barshasha 25 gm

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Dehlvi Remedies Barshasha 25 gm

Dehlvi remedies barshasha -25 gm produced by Hamdard and marketed by us is a highly effective herbal medicine to combat sexual disorders of men. Be it erectile dysfunction, loss of libido, early ejaculation or lack in sexual desire; this Ayurvedic pill overcomes any of these ailments. The herbs constituting this medicine are chosen with immense care to make the product truly useful.

About Dehlvi Barshasha

Dehlvi Barshasha is a special remedy for common cold, catarrh and cough. It can be used in problems like giddiness, sleeplessness, buzzing in ears ( Tinnitus) , Spasmodic pain. It is also useful in liver pain.

Indication of Dehlvi Barshasha

  • It is used in depression and insomnia.
  • It is useful in common cold.
  • Giddiness buzzing in ears.
  • It is helpful to reduce the swelling in pneumonia.
  • This is used as an anti-expectorant natural.

Composition of Dehlvi Barshasha

  • Farfiyun
  • Aqarqarah
  • Sumbul-ut-Teeb

Dosage of Dehlvi Barshasha

  •  1/2 to 1 g with 5 g Khamira Gaozaban Ambari Jawaharwala before bed time.

Dehlvi Barshasha

  • Keep away from children’s reach.
  • Self medication is not recommended.
  • Store in dry and cool place.
  • Close medicine cap tightly after every use.
  • To be avoided in pregnancy and lactation. 
  • To be taken under the medical supervision


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